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Give with confidence

Are you tired of not knowing if your contribution is helping? Are you worried that one act of kindness will turn into relentless harassment? STG communicates clearly with donors to insure they have confidence in their giving. We have good hearts and want to help.

STG Foundation can help.

Trust is Paramount

We at The STG Foundation understand how you feel. We know that trust is the bedrock for any financial transaction, including charitable donations. Our business expertise allows us to evaluate every charitable organization on this site professionally. In addition, we have over two decades of experience in ministry, philanthropy, and community development.

Be impactful. Take action and help make the world better.

Victorious Project 2022: Nearing Completion

Thank you. Your generous donations help projects like this become possible.

The path to giving is simple.

Find Your Cause

Only organizations vetted for authenticity are a part of our directory. Each charity on our site ensures that the overwhelming majority of the proceeds directly impact lives for the better.

Verify the Impact

The STG Foundation will use highly regarded Charitable Organizations that are accountable to their donors and cause

Donate with Confidence

Never be unsure about how you donate again. The STG Foundation will be your partner to ensure that pairing charitable people with their philanthropic organizations will impact the world for the better.

How it works

Through many years of speaking with individuals, we have set out to change the way people give, solving many of the obstacles that make it so difficult. STG Foundation is a non-profit 501C that aims to meet the needs of high-performing charities across various sectors. STG Foundation is unique in the following ways.

1) High impact organizations

Each charity is vetted with pre-determined criteria to ensure that the vast majority of the money given directly impacts the cause. The STG Foundation will ensure your donation delivers a real and meaningful impact.

2) Giving Baskets

STG Foundation has a “Baskets Approach” to giving. You can choose the way your gift is allocated by sector or specific organizations.

3) Pressure-free giving

Frequently individuals are pressured after giving by receiving mailings, emails, phone calls, etc. When you give through the STG Foundation, we will allocate the money, making you anonymous in giving to the organizations.

4) Communication you desire

STG will regularly report the return on your investments by highlighting the successes of the organizations we are supporting. 

5) Financial Transparency

We use the absolute minimum of your overall giving for administrative costs, and our financial report is transparent.