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April 2024 Newsletter

Spring is the season that brings new hope and new life. After the challenges of winter, nature begins its resurgence of life, and we are reminded of the hope the future brings.

At STG Foundation, we are excited for this Easter season and are reminded of the hope that brings to each of us. We are thankful for what God has done in sending His son, and we look forward to the eternal hope that brings to each and every one of us.

As we enter into this season, we look forward to sharing the good that was shared in our first quarter of 2024, and we look forward to the blessings of hope that this spring quarter will bring.

STG Newsletter April 2024

“We are honored and blessed to have the wonderful opportunity to tutor students at South Avondale Elementary School. We have tutored 14 students with 9 tutors so far this school year, and have seen students grow up to 6 levels in their reading throughout the span of the year! Recently, we have had opportunities to partner with the school to provide mentoring for students struggling behaviorally in the classroom setting. CJ’s tutors demonstrate great love and compassion to help the students regroup, and they are then able to re-engage in learning, which has been great for both the students and teachers. All of the kids enthusiastically share what they are learning in their classes. This is especially true of the many stories they learned during Black History month. In addition, the kids are growing in their understanding of prayer as they are taught to pray to God about the trials and challenges in life. We praise God for the partnership with STG Foundation and for your prayers and financial support!” -Pastor Chuck Peckham To learn more, visit