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April Newsletter 2023

Share the Good!

We are so excited to share what STG Foundation has been able to accomplish this first quarter! In the past few months, we have gained new partnerships and continued to SHARE THE GOOD with our existing partners and the people they serve. STG Foundation relies solely on the donations of individuals like YOU to make a difference in our community, nation, and world, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and generosity. On behalf of the people you will meet in this newsletter and the many people like them you have made a difference for, thank you!

New Partnership Highlights

Missionaries Support in Asia

This quarter, the STG Foundation began partnering with local churches to support missionaries in Asia. This area of our world is home to fifty percent of the world’s largest cities with 2.3 billion people with a significant amount of diversity. Ninety five percent of this population is living in spiritual darkness with little to no evangelical influence. Through partnering with local churches in the United States, we hope to be able to provide the financial means to support the missionaries overseas. Our giving is used to help in the areas of outreach and evangelism, discipleship and training, missionary care, humanitarian relief, and to help support the day to day lives of the missionaries who are serving in Asia. In addition to supporting the missionaries financially, we ask that you join us in praying for their safety, health, and opportunities to share the gospel for them and their families.

To learn more about missions in Asia and other parts of the world, visit the International Mission Board at

Updates From Our Partners: How YOU are Sharing the Good

This quarter, we were able to donate another $10,000 to the Gift of Adoption Fund. Each of the families below were given a grant through the foundation to assist with their adoption costs. Their stories were provided to us by the staff at Gift of Adoption, and we are thrilled to share new faces as well as familiar faces with you in this newsletter.

Meet Evan

Evan was born in December 2022 to a birth mother who is not able to provide for her. Her birth mother lovingly chose to place Evan for adoption so that she would not enter
the foster care system. LaVonda, who is an active member of the US military, felt called to start a family through adoption, knowing that there are far too many children in the foster care system. A $6,500 grant from Gift of Adoption, made possible by the STG Foundation, enabled LaVonda to say yes to Evan, ensuring permanency and stability for this little girl.
LaVonda shared, “This grant came at the exact right time. I was at the end of my adoption journey and honestly did not know how I would manage the remaining funds…especially because Evan was born a few weeks early. Evan is a beautiful baby who has joined a crazy, fun, loving Caribbean/American family. Thank you.

Meet S and S

Christian and Annette of Maryland have been approved for a $6,125 grant from Gift of Adoption, made possible by the STG Foundation, to complete the adoption of two siblings from India. These siblings have lived in an orphanage for many years, and one has a serious disability. Christian and Annette have one daughter but felt called to grow their family through adoption. Christian works in IT and Annette runs a small, Christian school (work she does unpaid). Adopting two children internationally will cost them more than $50,000 total- an amount they could not fund on their own. Their grant from Gift of Adoption is enabling them to travel to India in the coming months to complete these adoptions. Annette and Christian shared, “We have both wanted to adopt since childhood. We saw a need and we wanted to be part of the solution. These children’s lives will change in several ways. They will have to adjust to a new country and culture, but they will have access to the medical care they need, loving parents, and a new older sister. The most important thing is that they will be able to remain together as siblings

*Per the adoption agreement with the Indian government, we are not allowed to share photos or specific details about these children until two years post adoption. Thank you for understanding


Amritha is HOME!!!

In October we shared the story of Amritha- a one year old little girl with Down syndrome who was living in an orphanage in India. Meghan and Jacob had been awarded a grant from Gift of Adoption, made possible by the STG Foundation, to travel to India to pick up Amritha (who they are calling Ami). We are so pleased to share that Amritha is now home. Meghan and Jacob shared, “Ami is doing great! She is learning sign language and we are working on speech. She loves her brothers and her pets. She also loves her extended family and everyone
she meets. Ami is a very friendly and happy child and is learning how to ask for what she wants and how to tell us what she doesn’t like. She makes us laugh constantly and we can’t imagine her not being in our lives. All of her medical reports have been positive, and she has recently started developmental therapy. We are focusing on her speech and language development as her gross and fine motor skills are strong! Amirtha turned two on February 3rd and had a fun celebration with her family. We love having her in our family!”

To learn more about their mission and to hear stories of the families they have impacted, visit their website at


Kakamega, Kenya

With heavy hearts, we are sad to report the loss of one of our children from Victorious Children’s Home. Little Eugene was hit by a motorbike and died instantly. Three others were also involved in the accident, and died in the hospital while undergoing treatment. He was in a similar accident last fall due to a hit and run and survived, but this was not the case this time. He will be remembered for his loving spirit and determination in life. Vicki asks that we all join them in prayer during this extremely difficult time. Please pray for her leadership team and their over 100 residents in the children’s home as they grieve and adjust to life without their beloved brother, friend, and son.

Victorious Children’s Home is home to over 100 orphaned children in Kenya. The STG Foundation has partnered with Vicki and her team over the years to fund their new residential buildings and create a safer, more accommodating place for the children who live there. The money raised by the orphanage is also used to provide food, clothing, and a quality education to their children.

The home recently gained two new teachers for their students. Samuel and his wife visited the children’s home last Christmas, and Vicki says they were a “great encouragement to the young ones.” Samuel teaches English, and his wife is also a high school teacher. They have a young daughter who also serves alongside them in their ministry.

To learn more about Victorious Children’s Home, you can find them on Facebook. Keep following us for announcements on our STG page to learn when Vicki will be making her yearly visit to the United States

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Q. Why should I donate through the STG Foundation?

A. Frequently individuals are pressured after giving by receiving mailings, emails, phone calls, etc. When you give through the STG Foundation, we will allocate the money, making you anonymous in giving to the organizations. STG will regularly report the return on your investments by highlighting the successes of the organizations we are supporting.

Q. What is the easiest way for me to give?

A. The easiest way to donate is by visiting our website and clicking on the “Donate” button, which will direct you to our giving baskets page. In this page you can find your cause and allocate how you would like your contribution to be distributed.

Q. If I am unable to give financially at this time, what are some other ways I can make a difference?

A. First and foremost, you can pray for us and those who are impacted through our giving. Secondly, you can SHARE SHARE SHARE! While you personally may not be able to give financially, you likely have those in your circle who can. While the mission of STG Foundation has been in motion for decades, the foundation itself is just now starting to grow and expand its audience. By helping us expand our reputation, you are making a difference and helping with our overall mission to impact our communities and our world. Lastly, if you are able to give of your time to represent the foundation and assist any of our partner charities, they can all use volunteers on any given day. We believe that everyone, no matter what obstacles we face, can Share The Good!

Q. Can you receive gifts from donor advisor funds?

A. Yes! The STG Foundation is able to receive gifts from donor advisor funds.

Q. How do I know the organizations my donations are going to are legit?

A. Each charity is vetted with pre-determined criteria to ensure that the vast majority of the money given directly impacts the cause. The STG Foundation will ensure your donation delivers a real and meaningful impact. Most of the organizations, whenever possible, are vetted through in person visits from STG board members, which allows us to maintain personal relationships with each organization as well.