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Thank you for making a difference!

We wanted to take a moment to update you on how your contributions through the STG Foundation are being used. We, along with the organizations you’ll meet in this newsletter, appreciate all you have done to make a difference in the lives of so many people. Without you, we could not accomplish the financial differences we have been able to achieve in helping these charities. This letter will highlight three organizations we have invested in this quarter, but we are continuing to seek out new opportunities to give through our giving basket approach as you have allocated through your donations.

Victorious Children’s Home

Kakamega, Kenya

The STG Foundation has been contributing to Victorious Children’s Home from the beginning of our foundation. The orphanage, located in Kakamega, Kenya, is home to over 100 boys and girls, ages birth to eighteen. Donations from the STG Foundation have helped to provide tuition costs and transportation in the form of a new bus to get the children to and from school. Public education is not free in Kenya, and many children do not get to attend. By providing tuition for the kids at the orphanage, they are able to raise self-sustainable individuals who have gone on to become teachers, nurses, police officers, military personnel, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and some have even stayed on staff to help with the future of Victorious Children’s Home.

The STG Foundation has also helped fund the new building project for the orphanage over the past year. Through your generous donations, we were able to contribute close to $45k to aid in the construction of the new multipurpose hall. This new addition houses over 100 boys and is home to the rehabilitation program for kids who are taken in from the streets. The orphanage continues to take in new children on a regular basis, and the financial challenges continue to exist to provide shelter, food, clothing, and a solid education and foundation for the children they serve. From Vicky and her staff at the Victorious Children’s Home, thank you for your continued financial support, prayers, and encouragement.

New Partnership HIghlights

Gift of Adoption Fund

Northbrook, IL

The STG Foundation is excited to announce our new partnership with the Gift of Adoption Fund. The Gift of Adoption Fund is a nonprofit based in Northbrook, IL. They help to provide adoption assistance grants to families in order to help complete adoptions of vulnerable children, giving them permanent families and a chance to thrive. Per their website, there are over 140 million children orphaned worldwide, and that number is rising every year. The foundation was started by Lucy and Gene Wykas after they experienced the challenges and successes of three personal adoptions. Eighty million people in the United States alone consider adopting, but only less than two percent will ever begin the adoption process. Only one percent will successfully complete the process, with finances being the biggest obstacle. Since the foundation’s beginning, over $13.7 million in grants have been awarded.

One hundred percent of the funds raised are used for the adoption grants. The need for adoption continues to rise globally, and STG Foundation looks forward to partnering with Gift of Adoption to make a difference in the lives of the families they serve. To learn more about their mission and to hear stories of the families they have impacted, visit their website at

Newburgh Buddy Ball

Newburgh, IN

This summer, the STG Foundation was able to help our Buddy Ball League in Newburgh, Indiana. Buddy Ball is a nationwide league that helps to pair people with physical and intellectual disabilities with nondisabled peers to play the game of baseball. The players range from school age students to adults, and is run by volunteers. Due to the varying needs of their players, costs can be expensive in order to provide quality equipment and facilities. The STG foundation was able to donate $10k to help with fees, uniforms, and other sign up costs for the players. The donation allows each player to play for free so that no child is left out and every kid who wants to gets the opportunity to play.

Part of the donation will also be used to help upgrade the facilities. The league plans to use part of the funds to purchase canopies that will provide more shaded spots for the players who use wheelchairs or other specialized equipment. Next to the baseball field they play on are three separate playgrounds that are also maintained by the league. With the donation from STG Foundation, Buddy Ball plans to build new playground areas that are sensory friendly, which will allow the players and siblings with sensory needs to enjoy the playgrounds in a comfortable and inclusive manner.

To learn more about Newburgh Buddy Ball or to see pictures from their upcoming season, visit their Facebook page (Newburgh Buddy Ball Public Page).

Other News from STG Foundation

Workplace Matching Programs:

Many workplaces will match your charitable contributions. If you feel led to do so, please consider contacting your employer to see if this would be an option for you and your family.

Our Internet Presence is Growing:

Our new website and Facebook page are now up and running! To keep up with our mission and to read success stories from our partners, like and follow us on Facebook and continue to spread the word and share our posts with the people in your path. To those who have already shared and interacted with our pages, thank you! Our foundation can only grow through your continued support, so for that, we thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why should I donate through the STG Foundation?

A. Frequently individuals are pressured after giving by receiving mailings, emails, phone calls, etc. When you give through the STG Foundation, we will allocate the money, making you anonymous in giving to the organizations. STG will regularly report the return on your investments by highlighting the successes of the organizations we are supporting.

Q. What is the easiest way for me to give?

A. The easiest way to donate is by visiting our website and clicking on the “Donate” button, which will direct you to our giving baskets page. In this page you can find your cause and allocate how you would like your contribution to be distributed.

Q. Can you receive gifts from donor advisor funds?

A. Yes! The STG Foundation is able to receive gifts from donor advisor funds.

Q. How do I know the organizations my donations are going to are legit?

A. Each charity is vetted with pre-determined criteria to ensure that the vast majority of the money given directly impacts the cause. The STG Foundation will ensure your donation delivers a real and meaningful impact. Most of the organizations, whenever possible, are vetted through in person visits from STG board members, which allows us to maintain personal relationships with each organization as well.