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October Newsletter 2023

The leaves are now falling, the air is crisp, the fall aromas fill the world around us, and we are reminded of how beautiful each new season can be! This transition from summer into autumn has been a season of celebration for the STG Foundation, and we can’t wait for you to hear about all of the lives God has blessed through your generosity! We hope these stories will be an encouragement to you and your families in the same way you have been an encouragement to us this season.

A Little Compassion Goes a Long Way!

Have you ever thought about the importance of a good education in your life, especially knowing how to read? Did you know that children “learn to read” through the third grade, then in the fourth grade they begin “reading to learn.” Therefore, if a child is not proficient in reading by the end of the third grade, he/she cannot keep up and will be left behind. When a child is unable to read by the end of the third grade, he/she is six times less likely to graduate high school when from a low-income family, and high school dropouts are 63 times more likely to be incarcerated than a college graduate. There is a clear correlation between literacy rates, high school dropout rates, and crime. This is where you come in!

STG Foundation is proud to announce our new partnership with Compassionate Justice this season. Compassionate Justice works alongside students, schools, and their families to provide the students in Avondale, Ohio a program that strives to improve literacy skills through tutoring and meaningful relationships. Reading is the foundation of learning, and the team at Compassionate Justice works alongside the community to give these students a chance for great success in the future. With your enerous donations, we were able to grant $5,000 to Compassionate Justice to help with their tutoring program, and will continue to provide quarterly donations to help fund their upcoming projects. The following is a report from Compassionate Justice’s President, Chuck Peckham: “CJ recently concluded our Summer Reading Program. This program is designed to help children in Avondale, Ohio maintain and improve their reading proficiency through the summer. We were honored to tutor 29 children (1st through 4th graders) this summer with the help of 15 extraordinary volunteer tutors! We were excited that one of the most checked out books was entitled “I want to be a Doctor”!

One of the young girls was really struggling with her willingness to read. With God’s divine providence, one of the volunteer tutors was a special needs teacher who volunteered to take on the challenge to tutor this girl. Using a variety of creative solutions, the girl became more engaged in her reading proficiency! Praise be to God!

CJ’s top priority in the tutoring program is to demonstrate the love of Jesus to these children as we seek to change the trajectory of their lives. We are praying their futures will be filled by a committed relationship with Jesus, successful graduation from high school, and the ability to provide for their material needs throughout life!

We are currently finalizing plans to launch CJ’s Afterschool Learning Experience, which is a tutoring program for kids in a local elementary school. Please pray that these kids will significantly advance in their reading competency during this school year, as they prepare for a promising future! We invite you to check out this video for more information!

Thank you very much, STG Family, for your generosity to help more kids in Avondale move from areas of poverty to thriving in their lives!”

To learn more about Compassionate Justice and their mission, visit their website at

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Warrick County Resource Center

STG Foundation was able to donate $5,000 to the Warrick Resource Center this quarter to help with their food pantry. The Warrick Resource Center is located in the heart of Boonville, IN and serves all surrounding counties. The resource center has been in operation since July 2020. Their current services include laundry facilities, shower facilities, diaper bank, emergency clothing bank, a food pantry, and a senior food program. They currently serve approximately 350 families each month (1,100 individuals). We greatly appreciate your support!

To learn more about the resource center, visit their website at

STG Foundation scores a touchdown in Ft. Myers, FL!

Fall and football are two things that go hand in hand. We love to see the youth playing and learning together and being engaged in their community. This season we were able to share the good with the Fort Myers Football League. The team was lacking uniforms that they desperately needed. STG Foundation was able to make a donation to help them get the uniforms and equipment to keep the players safe while also looking and feeling like a winning team this season. They’re now having a great season and feeling confident and ready to tackle anything

Our Neighbors to the South

… Sharing the Good in Ecuador and Mexico


This quarter, we were able to partner with Northwoods Church in Evansville, IN to help with a need they discovered during a recent mission trip to an orphanage in Ecuador. During their visit, they learned that the residents were lacking proper sleeping areas, needed storage for their clothes and personal items, and were able to love on the children and teach them about Jesus and the love He has for them. STG Foundation was able to send $5,140 to cover the costs needed to update the facilities and provided 12 bunk beds and 20 chests of drawers to the orphanage and the many children they care for.

Matamoros, Mexico

Anyone who grew up going to church will tell you that VBS is a staple highlight from their childhood. The story is no different for the children in Matamoros, Mexico. This year, we were able to partner with La Iglesia Bautista Cordero de Dios (Lamb of God Baptist Church) to give $1,500 towards their VBS to provide their attendees with new backpacks to start the school year. Many of these children come from homes that cannot afford the luxuries of new school supplies each year. Pastor Juan and his wife, Maria, along with their entire congregation send their sincere gratitude to everyone who helped make this possible for their students.

This quarter we were invited by one of our partners, The Gift of Adoption Fund, to attend their annual fundraising event. During this event, we were able to hear from the families and lives that were impacted with the grants they received from the foundation. We enjoyed hearing from recording artist and author, Jimmy Wayne, and were inspired by his testimony as a child growing up in foster care. The event raised over $400k to help fund the adoption process of the families they serve. STG Foundation is proud to have been a part of some of these adoption journeys, and we look forward to continuing to partner with The Gift of Adoption Fund in the months to come.

To learn more about The Gift of Adoption Fund and to read stories of the families we have helped in the adoption process, visit their website at

There’s still time to SHARE THE GOOD in 2023!

The holidays, for many, are a time to reflect on our many blessings and to seek out ways to bless those around us. If you feel led to do so, we encourage you to use this season as an opportunity to partner alongside the STG Foundation financially. Our mission to be a blessing to ourcommunity and our world is only made possible through the funds we receive from our supporters. Less than 5% of the donations received through our foundation goes towards administrative costs, and the remaining percent goes directly to our partner charities. Therefore, you can donate with confidence knowing that your gift is going toward a good cause.

STG Foundation is a 501c organization, which allows all donations made to the foundation to be eligible for tax write offs. Upon submitting a donation, you will receive a personalized letter that can be used as documentation for filing taxes. Please prayerfully consider using this year end opportunity for you and your family to partner alongside us financially and Share The Good.

Other Notes from STG Foundation

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Workplace Matching Programs:

Many workplaces will match your charitable contributions. If you feel led to do so, please consider contacting your employer to see if this would be an option for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why should I donate through the STG Foundation?

A. Frequently individuals are pressured after giving by receiving mailings, emails, phone calls, etc. When you give through the STG Foundation, we will allocate the money, making you anonymous in giving to the organizations. STG will regularly report the return on your investments by highlighting the successes of the organizations we are supporting.

Q. What is the easiest way for me to give?

A. The easiest way to donate is by visiting our website and clicking on the “Donate” button, which will direct you to our giving baskets page. In this page you can find your cause and allocate how you would like your contribution to be distributed.

Q. If I am unable to give financially at this time, what are some other ways I can make a difference?

A. First and foremost, you can pray for us and those who are impacted through our giving. Secondly, you can SHARE SHARE SHARE! While you personally may not be able to give financially, you likely have those in your circle who can. While the mission of STG Foundation has been in motion for decades, the foundation itself is just now starting to grow and expand its audience. By helping us expand our reputation, you are making a difference and helping with our overall mission to impact our communities and our world. Lastly, if you are able to give of your time to represent the foundation and assist any of our partner charities, they can all use volunteers on any given day. We believe that everyone, no matter what obstacles we face, can Share The Good!

Q. Can you receive gifts from donor advisor funds?

A. Yes! The STG Foundation is able to receive gifts from donor advisor funds.

Q. How do I know the organizations my donations are going to are legit?

A. Each charity is vetted with pre-determined criteria to ensure that the vast majority of the money given directly impacts the cause. The STG Foundation will ensure your donation delivers a real and meaningful impact. Most of the organizations, whenever possible, are vetted through in person visits from STG board members, which allows us to maintain personal relationships with each organization as well.